viernes, 24 de julio de 2009


Miren que preciosura:

[Miltron] dropped us a tip about his NES workbench.  Knowing that when you get frustrated with whatever project you are beating your head against, you need an outlet, [Miltron] decided to build some relaxing NES fun into his workbench.  He’s using a NES on a chip though any multi game-in-a-controller setup should work. He has gutted a PSone LCD and mounted it all together nicely so he can game at any moment.  You might recall one of [Miltron]’s earlier projects, Das Uber Airsoft Turret. How long will it be before we see integrated LCDs into our toolbox lids or workbenches from the factory?

Que chingón.

Que chingonería.

Featured en Instructables, Make:Blog, Make: en Español y HACK-A-DAY.

Lo mejor es que el link es a FleetCommand y no al instructable!!

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