lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

88 million tons of lithium found in Mexico

litio-yacimientop A geological survey conducted by Mexican mining company Piero Sutti S.A. de C.V. found that Mexico could become the world's number one provider of the precious metal.

Early estimates say that 88 tons of lithium can be potentially extracted for every 10 meters in the 36,00 hectares (~139 sq. miles) surface area found between the states of Zacates and San Luis Potosí, more than ten time bigger as the one found in Bolivia.

Martín Sutti, owner of the mining company, says that a pilot plant could be up and running in Zacatecas by late 2010 with an estimated output of 12,000 tons of lithium per year.

Demand for this precious metal has grown almost 500% in the last three years and is expected to rise another 500% by 2015.
"Several Korean, Australian and Canadian companies have shown interest in exploring New Ventures with our company" - Said Sutti.
The USGS said in 2008 that Chile is the number one supplier in the world, producing almost 50% of the lithium sold.

We must wonder what Cellphone, Laptop and Electric Car prices would look like in late 2011 in North America if their source of power is so near.

[Photo vía El Economista]

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